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New Real Estate Registration Bill Introduces Efficient Registration and Higher Level of Legal Security in Serbia

Problems Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) Face when Seeking Finance

For Stronger Ethics and Integrity in Inspection Oversight

 Business Policy

Inventory of Planning Documents Introduced

On May 25, USAID BEP and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure presented the online inventory of planning documents. The inventory became operational in December 2015, but several municipalities only recently uploaded planning documents. The inventory, developed though a USAID BEP grant, now comprises more than 300 spatial and urban plans available at www.crpd.gov.rs.

USAID BEP’s Fifth Annual Business Survey

USAID BEP released the findings of its fifth annual Serbian Business Survey at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. The survey, which reflects 1,000 Serbian businesses’ opinions on the state of Serbia’s business environment, showed that recent reforms are making it easier for businesses to operate. The survey shows that Serbian businesses see improvements in many areas where the government has made reforms to the regulatory framework. Reforms in areas such as construction permitting and business inspections are contributing to a perception among 55 percent of businesses that the burden of laws and regulations has decreased in the past 12 months. That’s up from 18 percent just a few years ago.

 Economic Policy

Assistance to the Local Governments in Implementation of Program Budgeting
On June 22, USAID BEP participated in a conference for local governments on expenditure management. The conference was organized by the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM), which presented recommendations for enhancing program budgeting methodology based on a series of workshops with local authorities that focused on lessons learned during the first year of implementation of program budgeting. These improvements should result in more informative presentation of policy measures in the budget and direct comparison of results achieved by various municipalities.

New Budget Management Information System for Ministry of Finance (MoF) Budget Department
USAID BEP’s IT subcontractor (under an in-kind grant to the MoF) completed the first two milestones of the subcontract and will complete the system, including installation and training, within the next two months. Last week USAID BEP, the MoF, and subcontractor agreed on a detailed plan to finish the work, including all functionalities that the Budget Department needs for the 2017 budget. The new budget management information system is already aligned with program budgeting requirements and enables preparation of budget beneficiaries’ financial plans.

 Financial Sector Policy

Legal Framework for Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs)
USAID BEP and the NBS Working Group on Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) held the first meetings to develop an enabling statutory framework for NBFIs in Serbia. USAID BEP presented its paper “Regulation of Non-Deposit Taking Credit Providers and its “Comparative Analysis of Statutory Frameworks Governing Non-Deposit-Taking Financial Institutions in France, Romania and Bulgaria”. Discussion mainly focused on types of NBFIs activities that should be regulated, prudential vs. non-prudential supervision, sources of financing for NBFIs, credit bureaus and registers, consumer protection, business vs. consumer loans, and capping of interest rates.

Call for Businesses to Participate in Grant Innovation Program
The Ministry of Economy announced an invitation for businesses to apply for a grant support program for sole proprietors, micro and small companies, and cooperatives. The program was designed with USAID BEP assistance. The grant program will be implemented through four banks and two leasing companies which offered the most favorable lending conditions: Credit Agricole Bank, Erste Bank, Unicredit Bank, Banca Intesa, Intesa Leasing, and Unicredit Leasing. The public invitation has been published on www.godinapreduzetnistva.rs

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