This forum covers selected topics on fiscal policy, fiscal strengthening, and economic adjustment that are confronting the Government today.  It emphasizes issues of national significance for businesses and the impact of economic policies and public sector finance on business growth. It seeks to foster public private dialogue on important policy issues and to provide a single platform for bringing together good research, data and analysis on these issues that can be easily referenced by policymakers.







































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Serbia is gifted with many organizations that are committed to improving economic policy, the environment for businesses, and the quality of life. Click to learn more about these organizations and what they do. >>>
About USAID Business Enabling Project

USAID's Business Enabling Project, implemented by Cardno Emerging Markets USA, is a five year initiative launched in January 2011. The purpose of the Project is to help the Government of Serbia improve the competitiveness of the Serbian economy and its private sector businesses. >>>




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