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Ministry of Internal Affairs (Fire protection)

The Ministry of Finance (Tax Administration and foreign exchange inspectorate)

Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Forestry and Water Management (market inspection, veterinary inspection, border veterinary inspection, phytosanitary inspection, Border phytosanitary inspection, Agriculture inspection, Water Management inspection, forestry and hunting inspection, inspection for organic production)

Ministry of Economy and Regional Development (Tourist inspection)

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (Inspection of Public Roads, Inspection for road and public transport, inspection for transport of dangerous goods, inspection of railway transport, inland navigation for the Inspection, the Directorate of Civil Aviation, Electricity inspections, inspection of pressure equipment)

Ministry of Education and Science (Educational Inspection)

Ministry of Youth and Sports (Sport Inspection )

Ministry of Health (Sanitary Inspection, Inspection for drugs and medical devices)

Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (Inspectorate of Labour, Social Care Inspection)

Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning (Inspection of Environment, Building Inspection, Urban inspections, mining and geological inspection, inspection of meteorological and hydrological activities, Inspection of the Republic Geodetic Authority)

Ministry of Culture, media and information society (inspection for postal service, inspection of electronic communications, electronic signature inspection, inspection of Telecommunications and Informatics)

Balkan Centre for Regulatory Reform (BCRR)

Office of Regulatory Reform

Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Belgrade Chamber of Commerce





Government of Republic of Serbia

Maxima Consulting

Serbian Association of Managers (SAM)

Foreign Investors Council (FIC)




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