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Policy Café Serbia is a portal set up by the USAID Business Enabling Project to strengthen awareness of business and economic reforms in Serbia. It provides policy-focused analysis and commentary, a platform for debating and sharing ideas, access to experts and resources, and other information to foster public private dialogue and improve decision-making on reforms that will lead to sustainable economic development.

The site has something of interest for a wide range of users, such as members of the public who want to better understand the reform challenges in the country as well as policymakers, economists in government, international organizations, academia, the private sector, and journalists specializing in economics, finance and business. 



The site is organized around three forums that are aligned with the focus areas of the USAID Business Enabling Project:

  1. Business Environment
  2. Economic  Policy
  3. Financial Sector Development

The Business Environment Forum covers topics that are important for improving the business environment, building capacity for reform, and strengthening policymaking. The aim of this forum is to strengthen the flow and quality of information between business and policymakers and encourage broad stakeholder involvement in the reform process. The forum also includes the results of two landmark national studies – one of businesses and one assessing the standard costs of complying with selected regulations - links to business associations and other useful information.

The Economic Policy Forum covers selected topics on fiscal policy, fiscal strengthening, and economic adjustment that are confronting the Government today.  It emphasizes issues of national significance for businesses and the impact of economic policies and public sector finance on business growth. It seeks to foster public private dialogue on important policy issues and to provide a single platform for bringing together good research, data and analysis on these issues that can be easily referenced by policymakers.

The Financial Sector Development Forum covers topics on the role and performance of the financial sector in driving economic development. It provides information on current reforms and explores new policy initiatives to improve access to finance, mobilize domestic savings, strengthen risk management, and achieve efficient regulation of the sector - balancing stability objectives with growth needs. The Forum also provides easy access to key financial statistics and regulations and the results of surveys, roundtables, and workshops.

Each forum offers a growing list of policy notes and transcripts aimed at stimulating discussion and shape policy making.  Users are invited to provide comments and feedback on the postings.


Opinion and Debate

PCS provides three venues offering public commentary and debate – a blog, an ability to provide comments on any of the policy notes or briefs posted in the forums, and virtual roundtables and debates.

The PCS blog is updated regularly to ensure content is current and relevant to the current economic situation. All our posts are written by us or by selected guest bloggers. We sign all our posts so you know who has written what.

PCS provides readers with a number of ways of interacting with its bloggers and discussing its content, as well as the important issues that arise from that content. To get a complete overview of our policy for commenting please review our Commenting Guidelines.

Our virtual events will be posted periodically and will be of senior economists, policymakers, businessmen, or other professionals talking about selected topics in either a virtual roundtable or a one-on-one debate.


Publications and Research

PCS posts a growing list of research reports and studies on business growth and investment, public sector management, fiscal policy, financial sector performance, and access to finance. These papers inform the public and at the same time they develop new ideas that are useful to experts and policy makers.

Some papers are published directly by the USAID Business Enabling Project or in partnership with other organizations. PCS also posts important studies and reports prepared by other leading economists, policymakers, and practitioners that contribute to the goals of the site.


Calendar of Events

PCS will provide information about important events and developments in the business community.



Disclaimer: This site posts information from a wide range of sources on a wide range of topics. The views expressed in this site do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Agency for International Development or the United States Government, of the project implementing contractor Cardno Emerging Market or its affiliated businesses, subcontractors, or partners.